Scouts Australia, as part of the child protection policy, requires all Adult Members (leaders, Group Support Committee members, youth program supporters etc.) to complete the mandatory e-Learning module “Child Safe Scouting”.

With the inclusion of volunteers into the QLD Workplace Health and Safety legislation, Scouts QLD requires all adult members to also complete the e-Learning module “WHS for Scouting”.

Everyone has to complete these, initially at sign up and then every three years.

When an Adult Member is signed up, as part of the sign up process they should be informed about the requirement to complete the two modules within 6 months of signup. These modules then need to be redone every three years.

Providing you have a valid email address registered with Scouts QLD, you will receive an email from Scouts Australia around the expiry date. The email will inform you about the need to login to the training site (link below) and complete the module within 4 weeks of the expiry date.

The modules are completed through the Scouts Australia training site.
Talk to your team leader if you don’t know your login details.